Mt Feathertop via Nth West spur track grade 4-5 hike 22.5km

From November 06, 2021 6:30 am until November 06, 2021 5:00 pm
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Grade 4 hike, please have mandatory gear for Alpine conditions. Car pool required, 3 cars required for car pool, 1 to be left at bungalow spur carpark, 2 cars at trout farm.

Mount Feathertop - North West Spur is a 22.2km, grade 4-5 return hike, located in Alpine National Park, Victoria.

Hike Summary

The Mount Feathertop - North West Spur hike summits Mount Feathertop, the second highest mountain in Victoria and one of the most picturesque peaks in the state. It is linked to the nearby Mount Hotham ski resort by The Razorback, a high narrow ridge, but otherwise surrounded by steep slopes which continue right to the summit. Unlike most nearby mountains, Mount Feathertop has steep slopes right to the top and does not have the rounded summit dome that is typical of many nearby peaks.

Mount Feathertop is probably the most appealing peak in the high country. It provides terrific hiking in summer and in winter it is a great venue for mountaineering and extreme skiing. But be careful, as it averages a death per decade.

Overnight Camping

Continue 500m west along the Bungalow Spur Track from the junction of the Razorback Track to Federation Hut where you will find an open camping area and toilet facilities.

Water Procurement

Water can be found at a natural spring approximately 500m along the North West Spur Track from Feathertop Track. You will find it on the right hand side of the track.

Access and Trail Notes

This is a less frequently used route to Mount Feathertop. It is rough and very steep in places. Leave the Great Alpine Road at the Mountain Fresh Trout Farm, 6 km south of Harrietville. Cross the bridge and park your vehicle. Walk up the track beside Stony Creek avoiding private property by staying close to the creek. Within 0.5 km you come to sign marking the boundary of the Alpine National Park. The track crosses the creek twice before climbing steeply to the spur. The domed MUMC Hut is 7 km from the start of the walk. From here it is 2 km to the summit along a flat ridge and up a steep climb. Return via Bungalow Spur to Harrietville or retrace your steps.

This walk can take up to 8-9hrs, we'll see how everyone feels to summit or not.


 Due to COVID-19 health requirements, members must provide their own sanitizers, gloves, wipes, masks, etc.  If car pooling is required please make sure masks are worn. Please be aware of current NSW/Vic border restrictions.