Location: Jamison Drive Baranduda
Event Name:Baranduda Gullies Exploration
Leader Peter Presutti
Start Date: 26/05/2019 11:00
Finish Date:26/06/2019 11:00
Member Participants: 3
Guest Participants: 0
Distance/Time: 7.5km / 4hours
Rating:Grade 4 - Tracks may be long, rough and very steep
Points of Interest: Amazing to see the impact of flash floods that occurred on May 2 2019
Mobile phone reception: Good phone reception throughout the walk
Event Report: Pete and Tony had checked this walk prior to the day and were pretty confident it would be achievable.

The route we took across the lower slopes south to Ridge Lane was in good condition as the new fire trail flood damage had been repaired. From the ruins on Ridge Lane south we went across country heading generally south west to reach the watercourse and gully we have called Blue Gum waterfall. There is a lot of woody weed infestation - tree of heaven and olive in this gully and Baranduda Landcare has it on the radar for works when funds become available. Walking up Blue Gum gully was a joy - we followed a side gully that took us up and over Ridge Lane and then to the MVB geocache known as Stringybark Rock. The container was somewhat singed and partially melted but the contents were fine. From there we gradually made our way down the Wombat gully exploring and observing all the way. The walk was completed in 4 hours as we predicted - Grade 4 was appropriate because of the steep and rough rocky terrain.
Upstream from Blue Gum falls
GPSData1: 5cede0b0a0ce3-baranduda-ridge-lane-south-blue-gum-and-wombat-gullies-may-2019.gpx
GPSData2: 5cede0b0a0ce3-baranduda-ridge-lane-south-blue-gum-and-wombat-gullies-may-2019.gpx
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