Committee 2019-20 Minutes of Meeting 38 October 8 at 6.30pm

LOCATION: Sustainable Activity Centre Wodonga

TIME: 6-30PM

PRESENT:   Tony Marsh, Alison Dallinger, Jan Douglas, Juanita Barron, Judy Brooke,


APOLOGIES: Iris Joss, Di Ross, Ayu O'Donnell,

Chairperson: Jan Douglas

Minutes of the previous meetings were read - ACCESS HERE  

Minutes accepted as correct. Moved Judy Brooke Seconded  Jan Douglas  Motion  carried


  • Inactive members to be removed after 6 months of unfinancial status
  • Discussion re inactive new members - phone calls to offer assistance proposed.  President agreed to call inactive members to see if there were any problems with accessing the website or similar. Maybe offer an extension on their membership - at President's discretion case per case.


 1.  July 17 to Jacqui Durrant re Public talks   -  Correspondence by Tony with Jacqui but discovered that Jacqui charges $300 per a talk, so it is unfortunately out of our reach.  We need to send Belinda a bottle of red wine for her last talk.

2.  July 30 Invoice MVBI-19 from Bushwalking NSW  $1893 - see Bushwalking Vic article on fees

3. Certificate of Insurance  Murray_Valley_Bushwalkers_Inc_-_Certificate_of_Currency.pdf

4. Liability insurance  here

5. Insurance instructions  here 

6.  Streatrader  Notification Certificate now available re Bunnings. Worthwhile doing again for next year. We made over $600 each for the last two years. Secretary to check for a Saturday or Sunday, but not a Friday.

7. Reinvigorating your club  here  

8. Dept of Fair Trading  paid  here  Check that Peter has been Reimbursed. 

9. Bushwalking NSW  Instameet guidelines  here

10. Michael Mitchell Friends of Nail Can wildflower walk Sep 29  Carmen and Jan did this walk, definitely worthwhile. 

11. Peter Presutti re Bushwalking Vic Smartphone GPS training event  Peter will debrief us after this event which is on 9 November. We should offer Peter some assistance to attend this course, suggested that we pay some travel costs for him of $100.00. Moved by Jan Douglas, Seconded by Judy Brooke Motion  carried

12. Possible CFA workshop.  Tony will follow up on info received from CFA.





EVENTS COORDINATOR REPORT  - Judy Brooke, Juanita Barron and Di Ryan are the events co-ordinators.  

MEMBERSHIP REPORT - Jan Douglas - Financial 155 members. 

WEBSITE REPORT – Tony Marsh .  There was a recent failure of the website due to a faulty recommended software update, but recovered from a backup by Tony. There is a lot invested in this software so at this stage we do not want to change software.  Club to look at an honourarium payment to Tony to manage our website.  

Motion That an amount to cover Tony's internet fees $1200.00 be paid annually from AGM to AGM.   Moved Juantia Barron.  Seconded  Alison Dallinger. Motion Carried

A partial recovery of Google Drive data was required after one sheet (the booking template) went AWOL but was a relatively easy fix


 All reports available were accepted.  Moved by Juanita Barron, seconded by Judy Brooke Motion carried


1.  New committee members - roles ... assigning responsibility.  Judy is happy to keep doing events co-ordinator. Judy is also happy to do a roster for the Monday and Tuesday walks and the canoeing on Thursdays. Judy is also happy to do quality assurance on events which are posted, but also each person on the committee is also able to check these as well to share responsibiity. Juanita also in training for events co-ordinator.  Iris Joss still to be assets control. Gayle is still Treasurer. For future discussion the role of publicity consultant

2. Committee members email arrangements domain based email addresses ( have been implemented by Tony. Some forwarders are in place to off domain email - please let Tony know if you wish that implemented

3.  Mt Buffalo Hans Memorial weekend - arrangements and walks

    a.  leaders  -  Peter is keen for someone to take over as co-ordinator of this weekend, to arrange leaders and to schedule events in an unpublished state and to then approach people to lead the events.  Juanita Barron offered to do this job. Others to assist Juanita. Tony to make unpublished copies of previous years events for leaders to assist in generation of events for the weekend

    b. Bookings  - Juanita will also manage booking forms.  

   c.  Campsites -  Jan has booked five campsites.  Each campsite has a limit of six people and can accommodate three tents. Jan will advise of fees of the sites. 

 4. Debit card on Hume account for online purchases.  A signaturory on the account needs to go into the Hume and request a debit card.  Gayle is a signatory and we will ask Gayle to go in an apply for the debit card.

5.  Canoeing programme  - Judy has this programme underway.  Start of Canoeing is Thursday 24 October.  Judy will organise Dave at Murray River Canoe Hire for the canoes. A draft program for the year is being developed on a sheet in the Event Bookings document on Drive

6.  Events programme  -  possible roster for weekend events - there has been feedback that there is a lack of "moderate" walks on the weekend, similar to the Monday and Tuesday walks. We would like to aim for a minimum of one moderate walk at Grade 3 around 10Km walk each fortnight.  

7.  Arrangements for Christmas paddling weekend at Bundalong . Tony will organise Bundaglong.

8. Christmas get together in town.  Juanita will organise a pizza night in town, may be at Nanini's,

9.  Item 9 of committee meeting no 35 minutes, was reviewed concerning the issues around posting an event that is a third party event that MVB members may wish to participate in.  This needs to be revisited and clarified when more committee members are availalbe - we may wish some some of these events to be added to our calendar. TO BE CARRIED OVER TO THE NEXT MEETING.

9. Storage of assets  - we need a central place for leaders to be able to access. Alison to check with councils etc to see if there is something available.

10. Facebook -  Facebook site is currently a public group site - should it be made a private group site?  Decided to leave it public at the moment, but if anything is published that is of concern it should be brought to attention to Tony's attention so offending comments or posts can be deleted. We need to develop a set of rules for acceptable use of our Facebook site - TO BE CARRIED OVER TO THE NEXT MEETING

11.  Bushwalking NSW  Club health check  here toTO BE CARRIED OVER TO THE NEXT MEETING