MVB Committee 2018-19 Minutes of Meeting #37 July 9 

Location: Sustainable Activity Centre Wodonga

Time: 6-30pm

Present:  Iris Joss, Gayle Angel, Di Ross, Judy Brooke, Peter Presutti, Di Ryan, Kathleen Withers,  Guests Jan Douglas and Tony Marsh

Apologies: Nil

Peter Presutti opened the meeting 

Minutes of the previous meetings were read - ACCESS HERE  

Minutes accepted as correct. Moved Di Ross Seconded Kathleen Withers  Motion  carried

Business Arising from minutes  

  • Inactive members to be removed after 6 months of unfinancial status
  • Discussion re inactive new members - phone calls to offer assistance proposed


From Upper Kiewa Lions Club $600 payment for Conquestathon support

Discussion re plaque for Hans on Nail Can Hill

Insurance documents to BNSW

Hide/Display event participants discussion

Michael Mitchell re Nail Can Hill event

Claire Sandford re fund raising options

Contact messsages from MVB website

BNSW re Engaging Young People in Outdoor Adventure

MVB Personal medical info form support

Barb Williams re ambulance cover - strong recommendation to have private ambo insurance

Tony re event completion procedures on Google drive

Claire re club members privacy policy

BNSW May 2019 Newsletter

Bushwalking SA 

Invitation from Ant Packer re Baranduda Recreational Trails Advisory Group participation

Hans Nov weekend discussion

Shirley Collins re offer of Bundalong residence for xmas paddle

Bunnings re BBQ date Aug 18

AGM nominations received

BNSW re reinvigorating your club

Treasurers Report

Profit and Loss Statement

Balance Sheet 

Some questions raised re items in the reports but all explained by Treasurer

It was noted that insurance invoice from BNSW for this year still to be received

Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted Moved    seconded  Motion carried 

Events Coordinator Report 

Leadership training event held May 7 at the SAC - go to Leaders, Training, Workshops on MVB website or click preceding link

Judy tabled brief report - stats for last year, current state of play, issues to address etc

In the past 12 months - July 1 to June 30 2019 

Total number of events  - 206

Thats about 4 events per week!

Total participation in person days - 1115

Thats an average of 5.4 person / days for each and every event

Most popular event types - Half Day walks = 104,  Canoeing = 27 Day walks = 24

Total number of different event types in the 206 events = 20

Total number of leaders who put on an event = 20

This is an incredible outcome for a club of 164 financial members (as at today)

Congratulations and thanks to all our wonderful MVB team of event leaders

Membership Report - Jan Douglas Financial membership as at  July 9  was 164 - issues with procedures - Jan encouraged logging in and using the membership system to renew / join as it reduces workload for membershp and website managers

Website Report – Tony Marsh 

  • Optimal use of website manager - Tony talked about needing time to develop the website, events and membership system
  • Next and previous buttons for articles disabled as causing confusion (suggested by Claire S)
  • Login/logout procedure changed on website
  • Trying to find some time to trial a new template - issues with existing one

Google Drive Update

  • Overseeing / managing google drive booking forms and summary data needs someone to take control- discussion included emphasis on importance of booking sheet completion for every event - Judy offered her assistance
  • Tony currently trialling restricting write/edit access to the booking form template to secretary, membership, events and admin using their identity only

Assets REPORT:

Foot print / groundsheet for new tent has been purchased - needs to be added to Assets sheet


  • AGM - a total of 7 nominations now received - a lot of discussion re approaching people to fill secretary role particularly
  • Decided to leave the new committee to clarify the jobs that the new committee members will be doing
  • Review of how our operations have been carried out this year and to discuss task allocation for next yearleadership role descriptions 

  •  - main thing discussed was a proposal to have the events coordination role managed by a group of people

  •  Events allowed to be published on the website - eg the Federation walk - no firm proposal made to change existing policy
  •  Murray Valley Bushwalkers Facebook Group - is it time for an acceptable usage code of conduct? HELD OVER TO NEXT MEETING

The meeting was closed at 8:45 pm