MVB Committee 2018-19 Minutes of Meeting #36 March 26 2019 

Location: Sustainable Activity Centre Wodonga

Present:  Di Ross, Kathleen Withers, Di Ryan, Gayle Angel, Judy Brooke, Iris Joss Guests:Tony Marsh and Ian Angel

Apologies: Peter Presutti, Jan Douglas

Di Ross opened the meeting 7:25pm

Minutes of the previous meetings were read - ACCESS HERE  

Minutes accepted as correct. Moved  Kathleen Seconded  Di Motion  motion carried

Business Arising from minutes  

  1. Club has paid for 4 sites (12 to 15) for Hans Kasper Memorial weekend Buffalo Nov 23 - thanks Jan  - people to book in - and pay club for site  
  2. Letter of thanks to Parklands Albury Wodonga re opening up of Kiewa River for the public at Chapples Road Baranduda and clearing of willow trees from lower Kiewa - letter still to be sent - carry over to next meeting
  3. Smoke problem on Micks walk to Feathertop - implications for event management - advisory for this problem to be added to the bushfire and walks policy - the call may not to be able to be made until the activity is underway - event may need to be terminated



  • Bushwalking NSW anual reporting of member numbers for affiliation and insurance, report has to be lodged by April 9th.  
  • Emails from Albury Council, Wodonga Council and Parklands Albury Wodonga.  
  • Email from Friends of Nail Can re a combined walk with them in memory of Hans Kaspersa -  I had a meeting with them and we picked the Sunday 19th May.         I have put this walk up on the program to secure the day and give people a chance to join in in.


  • Some incoming emails shared with committee from Bushwalking NSW and Bushwalking VIc including VPNA .  
  • Treasurers Report – Profit and Loss Statement and Trial Balance submitted by Gayle. Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted Moved   Di Ryan seconded Kathleen Withers Motion carried 

Events Coordinator Report 

  • Judy Brooke and Di Ryan - summary data from Google drive to be listed on google drive indicates that since July 1 2018 we have conducted over 150 events with a total participation of about 950 - leaders reminded to ensure google drive worksheet is updated after events
  • New event monitoring / use of  new event notification form - leaders to  be reminded this is a contiuing requirement for new events
  • Tony raised the possibility of creating an events management sub committee to oversee the events program and process

Membership Report - jan douglas Financial membership as at  March 26 was  - 172

Website Report – Tony Marsh 

  • Disabled the Connect to Other Members option as it was compromising privacy - thanks to Clare for identifying this issue
  • Automated backups working well - heaps more updates applied MVB Flickr account status 
  • Membership system updated - mailers for free and paid subscribers now working - one issue still to be decided what to do with inactive members? - carry over to next meeting
  • Welcome to new members - what are we doing - can we do? - carry over to next meeting

Google Drive Update

  • Overseeing / managing google drive booking forms and summary data needs someone to take control- discussion included emphasis on importance of booking sheet completion for every event

Assets REPORT:

Laminator purchased - in Tony Marsh posession at the moment

Foot print / groundsheet for new tent? CARRY OVER TO NEXT MEETING


  1. MVB member insurance 2018/19  Questionnaire requesting membership numbers to be in by 6th April 
  2. Motion moved Judy seconded Di ROSS that we declare 130 members for insurance purposes for 2019-20 - motion carried - it was also decided that we increase the number of committee persons to 9 for 2019/2020 year 
  3. Events - review the policy re Total Fire Ban days - much discussion but decided to refer to next meeting after checking other clubs policies - also smoke from bushfires to be embedded in the total fire ban risk assessment procedures CARRY OVER TO NEXT MEETING   
  4. Mt Bogong ConquestaThon review - discussion ranged around a number of issues -Vouchers have been purchased for volunteers through Anaconda@ $20 as a thank you for support from MVB
  5. Motion -  that we approach the Lions club in writing to express concern re lack of recognition for MVB given the quantity and qualtiy of work provided by volunteers and to potentially increase the amount of payment for next year. Moved Di Ross Seconded Di Ryan motion carried 
  6. Leadership training - Peters proposal - I would like to hold 2 leader events 1 indoors and 1 outdoors. First meeting could be Tuesday 7th May or Friday 10th May  - discussion ensued and decision made to email members asking for volunteer to coordinate these activities
  7. Leaders who do not have website administrator status - implications for event management - 12 leaders can duplicate own events - the rest cant Encumbent upon the event mangaement to support these leaders by creating duplicate events for these leaders
  8. Training We had with Judy Hunter from Bushwalking Victoria - Peter Ayu- Jan and Di could add to this as thay have both done this CARRY OVER TO NEXT MEETING Club
  9. Facebook group - concern expressed re disputation in public arena - recommended that such commentary should be in a private messaging domain not public as it reflects poorly on the club.
  10. Minimum number of Financial members to constitute a valid event, we have 2 at the moment, I would like to propose the minimum be raised to 4 - Peter - Discussion ensued and a Motion was put that we stay with the minimum number of 2 for the time being provided that a group of 2 has mobile phone and plb/spot for the event duration and the event is properly documented on the Event Bookings worksheet on Google drive moved Iris seconded Di carried
  11. Pines Cottage @ Curango for Easter in 2020 -The Pines has capacity for 17 - suggesed by Jan that it be capped at 12 - Aprill 11 this year to book 9am booking Cost is 720 plus booking fee Motion that if available as proposed the applicant pays for the Pines, the club reimburses and that members reimburse the club - book for Friday to Monday moved Iris seconded Judy motion carried - alternative is to book Daffodil or to book an alternative 4 day period - if necessary a ballot be conducated to determine who can partcipate
  12. Event Management Peter thinks it is time the Club keep some weekends free from general events, eg  Conquestathon, Hans on Buffalo, Xmas gatherings, on the water and back in town, Hans nail can walk for a start. if a leader put up a walk or event on any of these weekends then the Events Cordinator or committee should ask the leader to either cancel or move that event. Check the role of the Events Cordinator, if an event does not meet the standards then they can unpublish such event.  for discussion - A link to our webiste the role of committee  LINK  "" or copy and paste into your browser  -- Decision - the committee noted petes recommendation and will act accordingly - an email to go out to leaders - advising we need a coordinator for Buffalo as well as Nail Can re Hans events
  13. Discussion re events which are not "club events" as such - implications for events like Scotland, Morocco considered - decision agreed upon was to adhere to current policy as per point 9 in agenda for previous meeting Next meeting AGM to be held at the SAC date to be determined  The meeting was closed at 9-30 pm