MVB Committee 2018-19 Minutes of Meeting #35 January 29 2019 

Location: Sustainable Activity Centre Wodonga

Present:  Di Ross, Peter Presutti, Gayle Angel, Di Ryan, Kathleen Withers, Judy Brooke, Iris Joss Guests Tony Marsh


Di Ross opened the meeting 

Minutes of the previous meetings were read - access here

 Minutes accepted as correct. Moved  Seconded  Motion carried

Business Arising from minutes

  1. Committee succession planning
  2. Buffalo Hans Kaspers weekend review
  3. Policy review - Emergency Contact Procedures - revised document to be circulated and commented upon by committee members before final ratification - note there needs to be a separate review of the Incident Response Procedures


Purchase of tent finalised







Treasurers Report – Profit and Loss Statement and Trial Balance submitted by Gayle.

balance sheet as at Dec31 2018

profit loss as at Dec31 2018

Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted

Moved    Di Ross seconded Peter Presutti Motion carried  

MOTION: The committee expresses its thanks to Gayle Angel particularly but to all the volunteers as well for the successful Bunning BBQ fund raising event

Moved Di Ross seconded Peter Presutti Motion carried

Events Coordinator Report 

Judy Brooke and Di Ryan - summary data from Google drive to be listed here

Membership Report - jan douglas

Financial membership as at Jan 29 2019 was 168 - canoeing attracting new members as always - we lose members who dont renew - as always!

website Report – Tony Marsh 

GSuite is a powerful software package for Not For Profit organisations - it provides our new domain name email addresses - it has a tool called Meet for online meetings - anyone want to participate in a trial? - nil response

GSuite email addresses - new addresses to be made - consider publicity, news, support, cmember? - nil response

Rewriting the Personal Medical Info page - using a web form to generate a completed document people can get sent to their email and then print - Tony has worked on this with Neil Brown and is now available for use

Club Assets - Menu path to follow is Leaders, Events, Assets for a brief overview of assets and down the bottom of the page are links to the Assets and Loans sheets

 Home page currently taking way too long to load because of slide show images too big - love to teach someone how to manage that - its not hard and is very rewarding - nil response

Google Drive enhancements 

Tony is working on getting a connection between the Community Builder database on the MVB website and a Google Drive spreadsheet - no joy as yet

Assets REPORT:

Iris has been working with Tony to update the Assets and Loans sheets in the Google Drive Booking Form - Tony has added assets items to booking form - tent and other equipment hire issues discussed


  1. Equipment list of requirements for backpacking events - Di Ross - ref how MBW does it for new overnight walkers - issues highlighted with people not having cooking equipment / gas on a club event - MBW car camps are used to ensure that beginner backpackers have an opportunity to learn the ropes - gear and full pack walking opportunity on a car camp

  2. laptop hdmi port for meetings computer for secretary? -  not necessary now as Tony able to utilise an ex Landcare Dell computer with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed which has HDMI port and it worked very well for the meeting
  3. Newsletters  and mailing lists - Judy - would like to use - Pete / Tony to help with MailChimp and/or RSMail
  4. MVB and Spot/Inreach - mobile phones - where are we at - Peter offered his Inreach to the club for $400 - proposal is to sell the two club Spot devices and ditch the phone and continue with a PLB and an Inreach further details required Peter to bring it to next meeting and we can discuss it further and Pete to give a demo of Inreach
  5. Purchase of 360 degree stove/pot set - Di Ross - decided to wait until next Aldi sale
  6. laminator for printed maps and geocaches? - Tony - sounds like an A4 laminator would do the job - decided to wait until the next Aldi sale
  7. Katadyn Water Purafier
  8.  So many options for water purification best if people have their own and not rely on a club device - tablets still cheap option $8 for 50 at Chemist Warehouse
  9. Events - should we allow events where registration is not enabled? -  after much discussion it was decided that in future only events that are run by club leaders will be approved ie advertising for other organisation events not to happen on MVB website unless a club leader is t aking repsonbility for club participants existing events on the program be allowed but no new ones - publishing details of such events ok on the club Facebook site
  10. Events - review the policy re Total Fire Ban days Tony - much discussion but decided to refer to next meeting after checking other clubs policies
  11. Mt Bogong Conquestahon -  Di Ross - Kathleen offered her services for the club for this event - two more people required - a ring around of backpackers to be undertaken - completed by Tony and sufficient MVB support now available
  12. Xmas Party - Albury, no activity, just meet in park, bring a plate to share - requests received from members over the past 6 months
  13. Club to pay for 4 sites (12 to 15) for Hans Kasper Memorial weekend Buffalo Nov 23 Jan to purchase and be reimbursed - people to book in
  14. Proposed letter of thanks to Parklands Albury Wodonga re opening up of Kiewa River for the public at Chapples Road Baranduda - all in favor
  15. Funding submission for acquisition of a defibrillator Tis a sad story of dog chasing its tail  - abandoned for the time being

    Should we have a coordinator for monday and tuesday walks? Do we have mailing lists? Judy talked about the arrangements that are coming in to play for mon and tues walks which now are involving more leaders


Meetings schedule 2018-19

       Next meeting to be held at the SAC  March 19th @ 6-30pm

General Business

The meeting was closed at 10pm

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