MVB Committee 2018-19 Minutes of Meeting #34 December 5 2018 

Location: Sustainable Activity Centre Wodonga

Present:  Di Ryan, Judy Brooke, Iris Joss, Gayle Angel, Di Ross, Peter Presutti Guests: Ian Angel and Tony Marsh

Apologies: Kathleen Withers, Jan Douglas

Di Ross opened the meeting at 6.40pm and welcomed and thanked the members and guests for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read

 Minutes accepted as correct. Moved Pete Seconded Judy Motion carried

Business Arising from minutes

Booking forms discussed

  1.  Hi Vis vests will be on display at Bunnings this Sunday at fund raiser bbq - Banner not allowed to be used
  2. Federation Walks weekend proposal - is an agenda item below



Dealt with in agenda items 1 to 7 below







Treasurers Report ā€“ Profit and Loss Statement and Trial Balance submitted by Gayle.

balance sheet dec 5 2018

profit and loss as at dec 5 2018

The loss of $96.50 accounted for by purchase of hi vis vests and the banner ($466)

Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted

Moved   Di Ross seconded Di Ryan motion carried

Events Coordinator Report 

Discussion re movie night at Chiltern as a possible fund raiser

Suggested that the role of Events Coordination (Di Ryan and Judy Brooke) could include monitoring the updating of the Event Summary 2018-19 Sheet - this data makes it easy to report on Events at committee meetings

Discussion re mt buffalo horn walk - Di Ryan reported on meeting up issues - see agenda item

Membership Report - jan douglas

Currently total of 173 financial members
Made up of 83 single memberships the remainder being family memberships.
5 new members since last meeting

website Report ā€“ Tony Marsh 

Very pleased to say we have an automated snapshot creation (aka complete website backup) procedure in place now.

Just need to determine the schedule - how often? I have implemented nightly snapshots at 12midnight - any activity after midnight (hmmm who would ever do that I wonder?) wont be backed up until the next night. At any time only the most recent 2 snapshots are saved. Older ones are deleted - note this is on top of the weekly backups performed on our site by Digital Ocean which costs us $2US per month. Snapshot storage is charged at US0.05 cents per gigabyte per month - about US$1.00 a month - money well spent!


Google Drive enhancements 

Tony demonstrated usage of Events Summary Sheet on Google Drive

Jan and Tony are working closely managing the members sheet so that the numbers and financial to dates are accurate

Assets REPORT: to be updated :  



  1. NSW Vā€™s VIC Bushwalking Affiliation - Tony and Pete confirmed that it would cost us an additional $10 per member per year to change our affiliation from BNSW to Bushwalking Vic - about $1700 extra at current membership numbers. It was agreed by all that this wasnt an option. 

  2. Hans Kasper Memorial Event ā€“ Buffalo Feedback  great weekend leader feedback received  need to tighten up booking in procedures
  3. Yearly event for Hans Kaspers memorial, Mt Buffalo to be repeated next year 3rd week in Nov round the fire talk about hans was great
  4. Bunnings BBQ people on roster well covered intefesting to see leftovers to paddling
  5. Brief overview of the upcoming events so any issues can be raised
  6. Federation Walk 2021 Proposal - as we are not intending affiliating with Bushwalking Vic we are ineligible to run this event. However the meeting agreed that we explore other options for being involved in this event perhaps partnering with a Victorian club
  7. Support for members in need in time of emergency - suggestion we put something in place to assist and perhaps people to contact Di if help required. Pete suggested we contact someone in the family and take it from there
  8. Policy review - Emergency Contact Procedures - revised document to be circulated and commented upon by committee members before final ratification - note there needs to be a separate review of the Incident Response Procedures
  9. Policy review - Car Pooling - this policy was read and reviewed and some minor alterations made - follow the link to review 

  10. Committee succession 2019 AGM - Pete has to stand down from the executive at the AGM in August 2019 - we have an ideal opportunity to find a successor and provide training for that person to take on the secretary role over the next 6 months or so - descriptions of the committee member roles can be found on the Club Leadership page

Meetings schedule 2018-19

       Next meeting to be held at the SAC  @ 6-30pm

General Business

  1. We must all have books out there which are sitting on shelves, and not being used? I have quite a number at home. So, why not loan them out? Trevor - the meeting checked out the list of library items called Hans Library available as a sheet in the Google Drive Booking Form (accessible to all leaders). This could be enhanced with other members books or the contents could simply be given to club members who express and interest

The meeting was closed at 9pm

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