MVB Committee 2018-19 Minutes Meeting #33 October 31 2018

Location: Sustainable Activity Centre Wodonga

Present:  Di Ross, Peter Presutti, Di Ryan, Gayle Angel, Iris Joss, Kathleen Withers Guests Jan Douglas, Ian Angel, Tony Marsh

Apologies: Judy Brooke

Di Ross opened the meeting at 6.30pm and welcomed and thanked the members and guests for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read

Business Arising from minutes

  1.  Bunnings BBQ - Roster required - Gayle to organise food and float - DI and Gayle to organise roster - 8-30 to 4pm required
  2.  Di Ryan reported on successful film night at Chiltern - we may ask the Chiltern Lions club to allow us to do a fund raiser film night
  3. club banner and hi vis vests for conquestathon and other events - Di is currently finalising this with Jason @ Vision Screen Albury. In the process of final stage. Message received Nov 1 they are now ready to be picked up.

 Minutes accepted as correct. Moved by Di Ross Seconded  Peter Motion carried


Kirsten Mayer - Executive Officer of Bushwalking NSW re proposal for MVB to be a pilot club for an Australia wide implementation of a funding submission if successful by Bushwalking Australia 

Move It Aus - Better Ageing Grant Program, a $22.9 million Program over two years which will incentivise sports and physical activity providers to innovate and keep older Australians active. The aim will be to reach Australians aged 65 and over so that sport and physical activity can enrich their lives.

Wodonga Council Support For major events, we have the Event Attraction Contribution Program and for smaller community sporting events, there is the Community Impact Grants Program. Di has been in touch with Damien Adams from COW about Fed Walks 2021

AWVRB running community groups workshop - Thurs Nov 29 - 9-30 to 3pm - aimed at improving outcomes for clubs - club to reimburse $10 to any participants Kathleen and Peter / Di

Dept of Fair Trading - annual summary of financial affairs of MVB

Friends of Nail Can Hill  wildflower walks

VNPA Help fight the deer invasion

Bushwalking NSW - Save Kosi event

Subs payment notifications and Paypal receipts

New Event reports - published on website


To Kirsten Mayer re MVB support for Better Ageing Funding submission on behalf of Bushwalking Australia

To Bunnings Wodonga re request for bbq in Dec 2018

To Bushwalking Vic re Federation walks 2021

To Damien Adams COW re support for a major event

Correspondence tabled

Motion: that the correspondence be accepted Moved Di Seconded Gayle carried

Treasurers Report – Profit and Loss Statement and Trial Balance for month of July  to be submitted by Gayle.

profit and loss july1 to oct 31 2018

 The loss of 866 dollars was noted - largely accounted for by Insurance premiums paid to BNSW

Assets to be updated - Iris to add 1 pair of snowshoe 300

Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted

Moved Pete and Seconded Di Motion carried

Events Coordinator Report 

  • Number of events since July 1 2018 - 59
  • Number of participants since July 1 2018 - 359
  • From Judy Brooke - Since becoming  a member of the committee, I have been doing the booking sheets for Hans Kasper’s Memorial Weekend in late November, as well as the After work canoing. I have found the process reasonably easy, only having a couple of hiccups with the information not transferring onto the booking sheets. Thanks to both Tony and Jan for helping me get it right. I am now feeling a lot more confident in doing the booking sheets, knowing that once I recognise the problem, pass it over to the experts to rectify. I feel that everyone should be able to pick up the process fairly easily, if I can do it.
  • Di Ryan - has vetted a number of new events (maybe 10?) and has asked leaders to make alterations on a number of occasions as a consequence of the new event submission form. Feedback (from Tony) is that using the form is difficult  on a mobile phone and it needs modification. Tony has since made some modifications but more are required
  • Suggestion that we add a reminder to the create event process to submit the new event booking form to be addressed by Tony

website Report – Tony Marsh

  • Software updates continue to be required latest is Joomla 3.9
  •  Template and home page slideshow need updating - offer is still there to teach someone how to manage the slideshow
  •  A glitch in membership procedures recently unearthed - useage of the Sign Up button needs to be explored and addressed
  •  Tony to review new event submission form


Google Drive enhancements 

  1. Explanation of the manual processes involved in keeping the members sheet up to date
  2. Running total of events now displayed
  3. New event closure procedures - Tony demonstrated the tasks - 1. Event completion annotation (safely home etc) 2. Replace formulae with values 3. Rename the sheet to have MVB in front 4. Hide the sheet - There is a sheet in the booking form callled Notes On Usage of Form - follow link below to access it

Membership Report - jan douglas

  • Total financial membership 172 as at October 31 2018
  • List of new members since Jan 30 meeting - 64
  • Tony raised the issue of a family of 2 who joined and booked in for an event but werent contacted - approval was given to contact them and offer another 12 months of membership free of charge - moved Di Ross seconded Gayle Angel motion carried


  1. Thursday After work Canoeing

    On behalf of the canoe leaders Jan asked that the committee consider this request.

    Needs a minimum of 6 people for Dave to consider viable.

    We decided that we would still run the event with 5 but would pay for 6 people - any less than 5 will result in cancellation of event

Motion that on the odd occasion that numbers are down that the club make up the difference currently  $15 so that the program can run on a regular basis.  Moved Jan Sec Peter Motion carried

     2. Canoe program 2018-19 and  Leader training tues oct 30  - proposal for the club to meet the trainer's fee (david breedon) @ $60

Motion - that this arrangement be approved - moved Di Ryan seconded Di Ross - motion carried

Feedback on leader training event held Oct 30 at Mungabareena South was good - 9 leaders in attendance plus Dave - a range of topic relating to canoe safety and rescue techniques were discussed - some techniques practiced (or demonstrated) in the water eg ferry gliding and re-entering a sit on kayak from the water

3.    Russ Jacobb has offered his gear for sale to the club for $600

Motion - that Russ be thanked for the offer but the club has decided not to take it up at this stage - moved Di Ross seconded Gayle motion carried

      5. hans kaspers memorial mt buffalo camping weekend nov 24 201

     Discussion took place re the program of events - committee expressed its gratitude for the work put in by Di Ross to organise this wonderful event

     6. Bushwalking Victoria Federation recently attended by Di weekend event - 16 events - capped at 10 to 15 Wine tasting dinner arvo tea  Next year at Geelong on the GOR at Lorne

Motion that the club explore the possibility of running the Bushwalking Vic Federation weekend in October / November 2021

Moved Di seconded Di Ryan motion carried

4. Meetings schedule 2018-19

       Next meeting to be held at the SAC Wed December 5 @ 6-30pm

General Business

High country huts association membership still not paid hard to contact

The meeting was closed at 8-35 pm

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