MVB Committee 2018-19 Meeting #32 August 28 2018

Location: Wilca Way, Wodonga

Present:  Peter Presutti, Dianne Ross, Gayle Angel, Di Ryan, Kathleen Withers,  Iris Joss, Judy Brooke Guests  Tony Marsh Jan Douglas

Apologies:  nil

Di Ross opened the meeting at 6.300pm and welcomed and thanked the members and guests for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read and accepted as correct. Moved by Michelle  Seconded Peter motion carried

Business Arising from minutes

  1.  Snowshoes purchase completed by Jan - cost $295 - to be added to assets sheet on Google drive
  2. club banner and hi vis vests for conquestathon and other events - Pete to buy 4 at $25 each



Treasurers Report – Profit and Loss Statement and Trial Balance for month of July  submitted by Gayle.


balance sheet

profit and loss

 As the annual insurance premium was paid $1595 and Spot license renewal ($290) there was a net loss for the month of $1055

Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted

Moved Michelle and Seconded Cheryl Motion carried

fund raising

Gayle reported on her investigations regarding a fund raising BBQ event at Bunnings

  1. We would need to request a BBQ in writing on club letterhead.
  2. explain what the fundraisng will be used for eg equipment purchase eg tent and/or safety equipment
  3. Go on a waiting list which is approximately 3 months at the moment
  4. Provide a copy of insurance - public liability
  5. Must be cooking from 9am to 4pm and can only charge $2.50 per sausage and bread
  6. We have to supply everything - Anolds may donate snags etc
  7. Bunnings will send out a "pack" which provides more details
  8. Saturday is a bbq day although through december and january they have Fridays bbqs as well
  9. If the date we are assigned isnt ok (eg Sat Nov 24 - Mt Buffalo weekend for Hans) then we go to the bottom of the list
  10. Judy Brooke hasproposed a trivia night as a fund raiser as well
  11. Di re cinema centre idea and Pete suggested star theatre in chiltern
    Both ideas supported

Action: that the secretary draft the request and submit to Bunnings

  Events Coordinator Report 

  • None submitted

website Report – Tony Marsh

  • Event creation - some people are getting stuck on the consent for collection of information when editing an event in the front end of the website (see image below). The checkbox has to be ticked to complete editing an event. Note that this has appeared recently because of leglislation requiring this in Europe - it will probably soon become law here as well but in the meantime Tony will see if it  can be suppressed
  • website consent to info collection
  • Tony raised a support ticket with RSJoomla team re setting limits on participation and event management - when a limit is placed on event participation and the event reaches that number it is NOT unpublished - but the Register for This Event option disappears. So its still a good practice to advise the limit in the event description
  • Still doing manual website backups - recommended that a snapshot be taken after each new event added to the program
  • The event submission checklist form has been further modified with a header to remind leaders of the purpose which is to implement quality assurance across all events and also to help raise awareness of the critical importance of website backups (Snapshots)


Google Drive enhancements

The latest version of Google Drive booking form for events includes the capacity to auto hide and show events, new procedures for finishing an event - formulae removed replaced by values and a running total of events created - Tony has created a video explaining how to use this - message him if you havent seen it

Membership Report - jan douglas

  • Total financial membership of 162 at Aug 28 2018

List of new members since Jan 30 meeting still to be compiled


  1. Review of Club Leaders pete suggested that we should look at some kind of accreditation process for new leaders. We need to compile a list of things that leaders must be able to do and assess against that or provide the necessary training
  2. Criteria for accessing the full info of club members suggested that the club review the leadership status of leaders who have been more than 12 months max without leading an event - a letter to be drafted for approval to be sent to leaders explaining the situation
  3. MVB Leadership roles
  4. Clarification of duties involved for each committee member - the Assets role was reviewed and no edits made to the role description - Iris agreed to take on this reponsibility
  5. The events coordination role was discussed and several changes made - Di Ryan agreed to take on a trainee role - to be supported by the club executive and Tony for the next 12 months 
  6. Publicity role identified in the past has waned but perhaps a person fullfilling that role could take on the promotion of club events on Facebook (currently in Event Coordination role)
  7. Change of Email Addresses Tony outlined the befefits of moving to domain name email addresses vs generic gmail addresses - this option has become available because we have successfully registered as a not for profit organisation with Connecting Up and Google and have received access to G Suite.
  8. A motion was moved by peter and seconded by Di Ross to impletement domain based email address and to liase with each individual to implelent as soon as possible
  9. General Business
  • Discussion occurred re the publication of member totals by gender in the AGM minutes 
  • Motion was moved by Di Ross and seconded by Kathleen Withers that the agm minutes not display the numbers of males and females just the total of members
  • Motion carried
  • Discussion then moved to general privacy issues and the fact that club leaders have access to full membership details - far ranging discussion about the implications of privacy issues and our booking system
    a number of ideas were thrown around but no firm conclusions reached. It was generally agreed that the issues associated with maintaining security and privacy of the club membership database be investigated further.
  • hans kaspers memorial mt buffalo camping weekend nov 24 2018

  • This weekend was proposed and Di Ross to lead - Pete suggested we ensure no new events are programmed for this weekend

Meetings schedule 2018

After some discussion it was moved by Peter and seconded by Di Ross that we conduct 4 public meetings a year to be held at the SAC in addition to the 4 committee meetings and the AGM

Motion carried'

Peter to draft a schedule of meetings for the next 12 months

club equipment 

Discussion took place regarding current management practices - a suggestion was made to be explored further that we enter into discussions with the BBC re possibility of sharing Gino's premises for clubs equipment


It was suggested that as the MVB Facebook Group is functioning as a communication platform there seems to be no further need for publishing newsletters on a regular basis. The secretary reserves the right however to send out a newsletter as the need arises.


Di was thanked for hosting the meeting and ordering the pizzas

The meeting was closed at 8.00pm

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