MVB Committee 2017-18 Meeting #30 May 29 2018

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MVB Committee Meeting 29 May 2018

Location: Thorneycroft Road, Wodonga

Present:  Peter Presutti, Dianne Ross, Michelle Crofts, Ro Smith, Cheryl McCarten, Guest  Tony Marsh

Apologies:  Gayle Angel, Mark Withers, Jan Douglas (invited guest)

Peter Presutti opened the meeting at 7.00pm

Peter welcomed and thanked the members and guest for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read and accepted as correct. Moved by Michelle  Seconded Peter motion carried

Business Arising from minutes

  1. Policy review - Cheryl offered and accepted to review the Canoeing Policy for review and ratification at the next committee meeting
  2. Leaders training camp - no plans at the moment 
  3. New members night - morphed into event training at Baranduda Community Centre - moved to general business


  • March 23 Bushwalking NSW - Drew Stones - insurance documents required - statement of member numbers and declarations re Duty of Care etc
  • May 8 Michael Mitchell Friends of Nail Can Hill re submission to Albury Council re plaque and seat for Hans on NCH
  • From Susan Simpendorfer BBC re invitation to attend an epic trek evening Tues June 5
  • Msgs to and from Bushwalking NSW re2018 Bush Camp at  BUNGONIA NP IN OCT 19-21
  • Indigo Shire request for involvement in their walks program - tony had phone call and referred to this meeting
  • BBC 40th anniversary event in Beechworth
  • Friends of Nail Can Hill re Hans walk
  • Wodonga council invite to Digital Marketing Workshot June 18
  • Wodonga council re submission on Baranduda Sporting Fields development (we missed as close May 4)
  • Hume Bank re implementation of Osko national banking - ACTION REQUIRED RINGBANK AND CONFIRM- by the sounds of it only the external BSB works nowMVB use of Osko a New National Payments platform


Tony sent email to NSW Sports and Rec re "eligible organisations must be an Incorporated, not-for-profit grassroots sport club, therefore, as Bushwalking NSW is not recognised as a sporting club (as per Australian Sports Commission) you are not eligible to apply for funding under this program. "

 Peter sent insufance documents to Bushwalking NSW

Treasurers Report – Profit and Loss Statement for period  submitted by Gayle.

 balance sheet as at may 29 2018

profit and loss sheet as at may 29 2018 

Motion: that the treasurer's report be accepted

Moved Michelle and Seconded Cheryl Motion carried

 Events Coordinator Report

Hans walk and late morning tea event May 20 - report is available now - what do we do next?

Total of 37 attended 

People who enjoy snow events - concern about snow events and the need for people to step up to offer their vehicle - discussion re vehicles and chains - possibility of the club purchasing chains for a member who is prepared to drive was suggested

website Report – Tony Marsh

  • March 15 2018
  • Late last night I installed the latest Joomla update on to our site and it brought the system down Ive since restored the site from a 4 day old backup and will not be installing the Joomla update until they release another patch to fix this stuff up Some data from last 4 days will be missing but will do my best to restore it
  • We need to do more regular backups - must be a way of automating
  • Well there is but I will need a week to implement it! - Ro suggested we each take on a day of the week to be respsonsible for the taking a website snapshot
  • May 22
  • I raised a support ticket with RSJoomla team re requests for additional/modificed functionality of components eg restore leaders able to duplicate their own event, sort events in back end by owner and capability to export the bookings info from the frontend of the website - no plans to implement any of these but we can add suggestions for next version of their software
  • Pete and I learning lots of new skills using RSPageBuilder while working on Landcare project - will be useful when MVB website needs an overhaul
  • A new event submission checklist form has been created and trialled a fair bit - designed to implement quality assurance across all events
  • New Google Drive booking form created to restore performance
  • Seems to be an issue with the email that goes out to leaders when a participant unsubscribes from events

Membership Report - jan douglas

  • New free membership for 1 event category (plan)

Total financial membership of 146 at May 29 2018

Single Membership 71
Family of 2 Membership 27
Family of 2 Member 27
Family of 3 Membership 3
Family of 3 Member 6
Family of 4 Membership 3
Family of 4 Member 9

Unpaid - 

Free Guest 4
Paid Guest 23

 Be good to list new members since Jan 30 meeting

General Business

  • MW suggestion we pass a motion of support for the Bushwalking Vic position on the proposal for private huts on the Razorback in the vicinity of Diamantina spur

Falls To Hotham crossing Walking Track Development

  • Motion Moved Peter and Seconded Ro Motion carried

'Murray Valley Bushwalkers inc is opposed to the proposal to build accommodation huts on Diamantina Spur South of Mt Feathertop, as part of the Falls to Hotham Crossing Walk. In our opinion these huts would be an unacceptable eyesore and intrusion to the unspoilt views from Feathertop. We support the position taken by Bushwalking Victoria to oppose this plan

Thanks to Mick for attending the meeting in Bright run by Parks Vic

  • Bogong Conquestathon event reviewed at a meeting at Di's place and THIS REPORT WAS PUBLISHED
  • Baranduda Community Centre leader training was successful event 15 attendees  - thanks to Tony and Pete for putting it on

Emergency Equipment Usage

  • Alarmist email about Bogong centre no longer selling Spot see Neil Browns email 
  • Discussion re difficulty of turning Spot on and off 
  • Need for techno training for spot and plb - some time in the future
  • InReach explorer a better option? cost $20 a month - new 700 and 2nd hand 400

AGM 2018

  • Have a showcase Hans night? everyone ok
  • New 2018-19 Committee Mish Ro and Cheryl finished tour of duty
  • Try to have it at Claire's SAC centre


  • Snowshoes - defer until we hear from Jan


  • 1 with expired credits now cos of no use decided to dump it
  • Club can provide waterproof containers for peoples phones

First Aid and Bushwalking victoria leader training

  • Need to find the email from Di re training options
  • Discussion re recommendations from BWV training Di and Jan went to 
  • Tony suggested we  bring to leaders attention to discuss risks involved at start of each event 
  • Defibrillator Grant by June 20 go ahead with submission
  • Member of BWV - pete has discovered we can become corporate member of BWV for $100
  • Huts Association of Victoria - can join this as well
  • Judy Hunter BWV - we are members of Bushwalking Australia
  • Advanced overnight Backpacking BWV training weekend


  • Way too long since we have created one - we need someone to fill this position
  • Plug in for Mail Chimp to be trialled which hopefully will have integration with Community Builder database of members

Tee and Polo Shirts


Michelle was thanked for hosting the meeting (yet again) and ordering the pizzas and refreshments.

The meeting was closed at 8.45pm

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